Your Ultimate Mens Haircut And Grooming Experience

Ultimate Hair Growth Booster Bundle Save P250.00 (1Minoxidil+1Booster Serum+1Derma Roller+1Gugo Bar Shampoo)
balbas sarado minoxidil
balbas sarado minoxidil
pablings hair growth bundle

Ultimate Hair Growth Booster Bundle Save P250.00 (1Minoxidil+1Booster Serum+1Derma Roller+1Gugo Bar Shampoo)

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The Perfect Hair Growth Booster Bundle Set


How The Product Works:

  • Minoxidil - Is Incharge For Growing / Regrowing The Hair.

  • Gugo Bar Shampoo - Is For Decreasing Hair Loss / Anti-Hair Loss.

  • Booster Serum - For Faster Maturity Of Newly Grown Hair And Also Serves As Moisturizer.

  • Derma Roller - Helps Minoxidil In Growing New Hair Faster Because It Promotes Proper Blood Circulation. It Also Helps In Collagen Production Which Can Make Your Hair Healthier.

  • Which Is Why This Is The Perfect Combination To Grow / Regrow Your Hair 


Minoxidil - is the only substance scientifically proven effective to make your hair and beard grow / grow back

balbas sarado minoxidil


Balbas-Sarado Booster Serum

  • Helps You Boost Your Results Because It Has Pepper Mint Essential Oils Which Also Promotes Hair / Beard Growth

  • Essential Oils Moisturizes Your Skin

  • It Also Has L-Carnitine L-Tartate Which Makes Your Hair Mature Faster

balbas sarado lclt serum


Derma Roller

  • Promotes hair / beard growth and makes your skin and hair healthier at the same time

  • Safe, painless and easy to use

derma roller


Gugo Herbal Shampoo Bar

  • Strengthens Hair

  • Reduces Hair Fall

  • Prevents Dandruff

  • Leave's Hair Smooth

Gugo Bar Shampoo


Product Description:

  • Perfect Combination - Using all these products together on your journey can make your results faster, because all this products promotes hair / beard growth.


Please see instructions on how to use it on the product page of each item.